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December 6

November 29

  • Once-doomed school celebrates 50 years

    A colorful parade through the streets of La Mesa launched a two-week celebration of the 50th anniversary of Colegio Americano Menno (American Mennonite School) — a school that should have closed 15 years ago.

  • Thai church building about to become a reality

    At $10 a brick, the popular Lego building toy was a bit expensive. But that little detail didn’t get in the way of the enthusiastic kids at Peace Mennonite Church (Richmond, BC), who together with the rest of the congregation reached their goal of raising $25,000 to help build the Living Water church in Thailand. To top it off, they did it in just three months.

  • A Taste of Service

    For Ratthaya Nanthasen, a native of Thailand, crunching numbers just did not hold the same allure as direct interaction with people. After earning a degree in accounting she soon discovered it was a field she did not wish to pursue.

November 16

  • ‘Pray for France that there will be peace'

    As the rioting that began Oct. 27 continues to erupt throughout France’s capital city, Mennonite ministry partners living and working there say the immigrant churches located within the troubled neighborhoods may represent “an important witness” for peace.

  • MC Canada finances holding steady

    Mennonite Church Canada is reporting an encouraging financial situation to this point in the year. At General Board meetings (Nov. 3-5, Winnipeg), leaders reported that financial results to the end of October are 2.4% ahead for revenues, and 2.6 % below for expenses as compared to the financial plan for this fiscal year.

  • Nighswander bids goodbye

    Staff, family, and General Board members presented Dan Nighswander, outgoing general secretary of Mennonite Church Canada, and Yvonne Snider-Nighswander, with an original painting of an African women by artist Ray Dirks.

November 8

  • Christian arts festival an Anabaptist conspiracy?

    Each year about 20,000 people gather on a race course nestled in the hills of Cheltenham in Western England – but not to place bets. They’re here to open their hearts and minds to four days of Christ-inspired music and speakers.

  • New photo book portrays life in Jesus’ time

    "The Nazareth Jesus Knew": Ideally timed for Christmas gift giving, the publication of a stunning new book of photographs - with text by Pontius’ Puddle comic strip artist Joel Kauffmann - is a first for the Galilee-based Nazareth Village centre.

October 26

  • Plenert appointed to lead MC Canada Witness

    Janet Plenert has been appointed to succeed Robert J. Suderman as Executive Secretary for Mennonite Church Canada Witness. The position opened when Suderman was appointed to the post of General Secretary for the denomination, beginning Dec. 1.

October 18

  • AIDS and Africa: What can one person do?

    Thirty-one year-old Zolisa is thin, has little energy, and is gasping for every breath. She holds her two-year-old son close. Zolisa, her mother, and a younger sister survive on about $35 CDN per month. Zolisa is hesitant to talk to the volunteer AIDS counsellors that come to visit. They are strangers to her.

  • I wanted to show them something more

    On a recent morning, in a small village in this predominantly Orthodox nation, a Mennonite pastor stood to offer simple words of comfort at the funeral service of an alcoholic suicide who had rejected God.

  • Son teaches of fatherhood in Nazareth

    Amer paused from his job in the carpenter shop at Nazareth Village, sawdust spit from the 2,000-year-old tools settling into the dust. In his lap, 8-month-old son stirred. Amer placed the boy’s hand on the saw, and the boy stopped, mesmerized by the ancient apparatus.

  • Long-time church worker changes hats

    Peter Rempel celebrated over 30 years of ministry and service to the church. Friends and colleagues presented him with a collection of ‘hats’ he has worn over the years

October 6

  • Communion: The day the wine ran out

    Jesus Village Church celebrates communion on the third Sunday of each month. On these Sundays, seats are arranged in a large circle, focusing on a centre where a low table holds the symbols of Christ's suffering, death and resurrection.

  • Walter Franz retires from Native Ministry

    Walter and Hilda Franz receive a presentation from Norman Meade, long time church leader, friend, and associate from Manigotagon, Manitoba, on the occasion of Walter’s retirement from 15 years of service with Mennonite Church Canada’s Native Ministry

September 15

  • The face of poverty

    What does the face of poverty look like? It looks like a man, rail thin, wearing old clothes that are rumpled and torn. He is clean though. He has come to tell us that his daughter, the one we helped him buy school supplies for last fall, had been very ill in the hospital.

  • First Person: A Canadian 7-year-old’s thoughts on growing up in China

    Last week, my daughter Claire’s primary school hosted a group of substitute teachers — or perhaps “squadron” is a more precise term. It was military training week for the primary school students (at least for the older children—Claire’s grade one classmates only had two days’ worth of training).

  • Church and Church School: Committed partners or a company of strangers?

    Kevin Peters Unrau half-jokingly says he wouldn’t be around today if it were not for Mennonite schools. Unrau is referring to the fact that his parents met at Rosthern Junior College. The soft spoken, articulate teacher and pastor (he maintains two half-time positions) planned to study engineering, but was diverted to Canadian Mennonite Bible College (now Canadian Mennonite University) when representatives from the school visited his church to address prospective theology and music students – on the evening that the bombing of Iraq began in the first Gulf War.

September 8 - Special

  • Hurricane Katrina: Did you know?
    Mennonites in Canada have been watching the heartbreaking news of the Gulf States disaster along with many other Canadians. However, few Canadian Mennonites probably know that there is a Mennonite Church USA area conference in the region.

September 7

  • I can read in my own language!

    The three students slowly sound out the words written on the board, searching for meaning in the strange squiggles. But the strange squiggles are becoming more familiar and, suddenly Sumayila laughs out loud. "Minata, give me the peanuts!"

  • Need for Bible training trumps poverty

    Mr. Deng, a farmer, is no relation to the more famous political leader Deng Xiaoping, although they did grow up within miles of each other. Other things they have in common are their rural roots, a commitment to their home communities, and their need to leave home to make their way in the world.

  • English instructors teach more than language

    For three straight summers, Olga Kazak traveled from her Belarus home to Lithuania Christian College’s English Language Institute. She sweated over textbooks and strained to understand the unfamiliar words from her instructors’ lips. At the end of each summer, she sat for a single test that would determine her future.

August 23

  • Mongolia movement offers hope covered in felt

    Nima used to spend her time digging through trash. She looked for heavy cardboard or plastic shopping bags without too many holes. These things kept her dry, mostly, and warm, sometimes.

  • Friendship message brushed in calligraphy

    A high school math teacher, Igarashi-san was in his 40s when a massive stroke left his right arm useless. As therapy, he began to learn traditional Japanese calligraphy writing with his left hand

  • Financial Update: Mennonite Church Canada

    Leaders say they are thankful to God and givers for Mennonite Church Canada’s financial performance to date. Donation revenue is tracking about 1% ahead of annual projections.

August 5

  • Mission seminar prepares workers

    An eclectic mix of men, women, families, and young adults gathered for a week of inspiration and orientation at Mission Seminar in Pinawa, Manitoba.

  • Over $7000 raised for Witness ministry

    Vic Thiessen, Mennonite Church Canada Witness worker and director of the London Mennonite Centre, passionately shares how the LMC’s ministry is touching the United Kingdom with a relevant Christian-Anabaptist witness.

July 19

  • Siberian exiles come home to Mennonite faith

    Three heads bowed as Pastor Jake Unrau poured baptismal water over salt-and-pepper hair. After living a lifetime without a church nearby, these Siberian exiles were finally home in the Mennonite Church.

  • First Person: Shocked by Jesus

    When Li first heard the foot washing story in the Gospel of John, her shock was similar to Peter's when his feet were washed by Jesus. 'How can he do this!' she exclaimed.

  • Soldier's pacifism earns his release

    Since March 2003, the Military Counseling Network has worked with United States military personnel stationed in Germany who wish to leave the military or deal with their rights under military law. In March 2005, network representatives learned that a conscientious objector they counseled would be discharged from the U.S. Army – the second such objector to be released in two years.

  • Rejoice! Cover designer retires

    One thing that has distinguished Rejoice! over the last 33 years is the trust editors have had in John Hiebert to come up with cover designs that were seasonally appropriate, fresh, and consistent with the inspirational purpose of the magazine.

News from Charlotte 2005 Assembly

See all the news, updates and information from Charlotte 2005 Assembly

July 9

  • Come to Canada, delegates urge

    Both adult delegates and youth repeated calls for strong connections between Canadian and US churches at Friday afternoon’s Canadian delegate session — preferably including another joint assembly held in Canada.

  • Rosemary Resolution followup

    Jeremy Bergen, representing the Charlotte 2005 Resolutions Committee, today provided delegates with a response to a Winkler 2004 resolution submitted by Rosemary Mennonite Church.

  • Canadian delegates favour new faith and life committee

    At their Thursday delegate sessions, Canadian delegates gave a strong positive reception to a proposal to create a Faith and Life Committee. They also voted to keep meeting once a year as a national church, as has been done since 2000.

July 8

July 7

  • Funding ministry and mission: New realities

    How should decisions be made to spend money on ministry projects that are beyond Mennonite Church Canada’s budget? Should we focus on short-term or long term ministry, local or international mission?

July 6

  • House of Doc photo release

    Last night’s House of Doc concert delivered high energy harmonies as only siblings can, to a full house and a standing ovation. On Thursday they will perform alongside Doug and Jude Kreihbel (Road Less Travelled) and thirstborne at a fund-raising concert sponsored by Mennonite Church Canada Witness and Mennonite Mission Network in support of a shared ministry in Macau.

July 5

  • U.S. customs turns back Cuban paintings 'In God's Image' - from MPress

    Three blank spots on a wall honor places where works by Cuban artists would have hung as part of the “In God’s Image” exhibit. The pieces were not stolen or lost; United States customs officials denied entry of the paintings at the border with Canada because of the longstanding U.S. embargo on Cuban goods.

  • Churches meet with common mission - from MPress

    The Mennonite population of Charlotte has temporarily increased by 8,541. These Christians have come from all over North America to spend the week worshiping God, fellowshipping with other believers, engaging in servant projects and discussing the future of the Mennonite Church.

  • War as Fun
    A strong military presence was in evidence at a fourth of July street party within walking distance of the Charlotte convention centre.

June 28

  • House of Doc – Charlotte 2005 photo release

    Mennonite music lovers in Manitoba demonstrated their support for homegrown talent to the tune of $4,200 at a concert in support for House of Doc, the Winnipeg-based band that will represent Mennonite Church Canada at several venues during Charlotte 2005.

  • Baritone sings peace, understanding in East Asia
    As the last note hung in the otherwise silent auditorium, listeners sat in still wonder of Anthony Brown’s voice, wiping tear-damp eyes. Then, the crowd burst into applause, the sound of their hands ringing into the building’s rafters.

June 16

  • World mission conference delegates grapple with reconciliation theme

    Healing and reconciliation were at the centre of the 13th World Council of Churches Conference on World Mission and Evangelism, held in Athens, Greece, May 9 – 16. Janet Plenert, from Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada), was a delegate representing the Global Mission Fellowship of Anabaptist–related Churches at the event.

  • Quorum reached - barely: Mennonite Church Canada

    After an anxious period of doubt, it is now certain that there will be a quorum of delegates to make decisions at the Mennonite Church Canada annual assembly. As of June 6, a total of 292 Canadian adults have registered – 237 as delegates.

  • Worshipful work builds Ivorian Anabaptist church

    The construction worker in heels and a lace blouse lifted her skirt to step over a pile of beams. She moved to steady a homemade ladder for her equally well-dressed husband who was helping situate a trestle atop two of the walls that were becoming their church building. It is a common sight in Yopougon, where every Sunday after worship, more than 300 men, women and children grab hammers, masons' trowels and shovels and put their faith to work.

June 1

  • What does a church look like?

    Churches in China, as around the world, come in a variety of shapes and sizes. In most large cities in China, churches are surprisingly European in design, some built more than a hundred years ago by foreign missionaries resembling the cathedrals “back home”. In many smaller cities and county towns, no church building existed before 1949. Now, growing congregations need a building of their own.

  • von Guntens to lead Native Ministry

    Neill and Edith von Gunten will continue their work in native ministry in a new role beginning October 15, 2005. They will take on leadership of Mennonite Church Canada’s Native Ministry program when current director Walter Franz retires on Aug. 31, 2005.

  • Comprehensive survey of MC Canada membership

    Mennonite Church Canada is asking 5,000 randomly selected constituents from across Canada to provide feedback and counsel about the denomination by responding to a survey. Pastors from every congregation will also receive the survey.

  • Peace call helps Mennonite Church USA to call for renewed peace witness

    Due to the two-year war in Iraq, participants at Charlotte 2005 face a different world than they experienced during Atlanta 2003. But a nationwide conference call on peacemaking April 12 shows that people in Mennonite Church USA are striving to also make a difference in the world through their peace witness.

  • Draft counseling seminar helps youth pastor in Central Plains get perspective

    Jeff Selzer, youth pastor at Bethesda Mennonite Church in Henderson, is faced with a very old and yet very new dilemma regarding peace issues. How much should he spend time on preparing young people to deal with issues regarding peacemaking – including a possible draft? These are questions he asked when attending a recent workshop on draft counseling in Aurora.

May 18

  • 30 more delegates required to meet quorum: Charlotte 2005

    Registration numbers for the joint MC USA /MC Canada Assembly at Charlotte NC suggest that congregations may have transferred loyalties and taken on ownership of Mennonite Church Canada faster than leaders might have anticipated.

  • Charlotte 2005 discernment issues important to everyone

    What does the Mennonite Church Canada Assembly have to do with the real issues of the church and of living the Christian life? Do delegates go off to an “ivory tower” to talk about abstract and irrelevant issues? Why should “ordinary” church members care what is discussed in Charlotte NC on July 4-9, 2005?

  • Youth club provides sense of community for German teens
    The soldier, armour plating covering his body, rushed into the room, spraying bullets left and right. After only a moment, bodies lay before him, sprawled lifeless on the ground. From the other side of the video screen, featuring one of the newest and most violent games sweeping through the youth landscape, teens cheered at the carnage they witnessed. Benni Krauss, however, stayed silent.

  • Celebration of traditional arts communicates good news of Jesus

    When my husband, Loren, and I moved to the village of Saraba twenty years ago, we knew that telling the story of Jesus as good news to the mostly Muslim population would take a lifetime.

May 4

  • Translating “Forgiveness”

    When Marco Polo returned to Europe after his Asian excursions, he regaled listeners with tales of his encounter with a unicorn. His unicorn did have a horn on its head, but that’s where the similarity ended. The unicorn he described had a black horn, a buffalo’s pelt, elephant’s hooves, a wild boar’s head, and a spiky tongue. It was, in fact, a rhinoceros.

  • Hope against all odds: New springs in the desert

    In the dry desert of violence in Israel there are still springs of living water. A peace-making priest from Galilee – an improbable Arab-Israeli-Palestinian-Christian mix – has been drawing strength from those wells, and will be pouring out a message of Middle East hope in Ontario this spring.

  • Launched: Healing and Hope appeal for ministry support

    Mennonite Church Canada is launching an invitation for ministry support called “Healing and Hope.” The first component of the multi-phase plan – a poster – has already gone out to congregations. A web site,, is being launched in parallel with the gift sampler.

  • Latest Der Bote Index complete
    On April 25, 2005 Alf Redekopp, Director of the Mennonite Heritage Centre, Winnipeg, honoured Helene Friesen of Winnipeg for her work on the "Bote" index.
  • Book calls for "the way of Christ" in meeting Muslims
    Ahmed Haile remembers the first time he had mashed potatoes, seated around a table with mission workers Bertha Beachy and Naomi Smoker in Mogadishu, Somalia. This encounter remains vivid to him perhaps not so much because of the strange, mushy food placed before him, but because this was the beginning of a relationship with Mennonites that has now spanned more than 30 years.

  • Publishing board hears encouraging reports, addresses ongoing challenges

    Encouraged by positive financial reports and promising new publishing projects, the Mennonite Publishing Network board, at its April 29-30 annual meeting, addressed marketing and financial challenges.

April 20

  • You can’t get there from here

    The story goes that a lost driver stopped to ask directions from a farmer by the roadside. He enquired about the town “around here somewhere. Do you know where it is?” The old man looked intently at the traveler, “Oh I know where it is, but you can’t get there from here.”

  • Easter Baptisms 13 years in the making
    Following the funeral of a church member and friend last September, Mayumi Noto told her husband, Hideo, that she wished she could have seen their friend off as a member herself, and not just an outsider. Together, the Notos were baptized on Easter Sunday at Obihiro Mennonite church.

April 6

  • Church in Ukraine struggles with myths and old politics

    Christianity and the church have a decades-long record of deep suspicion among the people of Ukraine. This residual wariness leftover from old political ideologies and an affinity for witchcraft persists and frustrates the evangelism efforts of foreign and local Christian church leaders alike.

  • Grace Schwartzentruber: A life
    Grace Schwartzentruber of New Hamburg, Ontario, Mennonite mission worker in Brazil for 32 years and faithful servant at Steinmann Mennonite Church in Baden, Ontario, has died at the age of 74 years.

March 9

  • First Person: Courtyard gets a beating

    “We will beat your yard two Tuesdays from now,” announced Mother Howa, the matriarch of the courtyard. “All you need to do is buy the sauce ingredients and meat to feed everyone.”

  • Carter takes in Nazareth Village
    Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter found time in his trip to the Middle East to drive north to Nazareth, on a recent Saturday afternoon in January to visit Nazareth Village, the full-scale replica of a first-century village in Nazareth.
  • Joyful servant dies at 80

    Johan Nicolaas van den Berg (Han), long time worker for Commission on Overseas Mission (COM) and Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) worker, died at the age of 80 on February 21, 2005 in Olds, Alberta.

  • When memorial services end as peace marches

    White balloons and protest signs held high, traffic backed-up behind our procession. We arrive at the drab municipal building where young pastor Javier Segura González died. I feel for the first time the gravity of the sum of this year's tragedies for Sister Peace churches.

  • General Secretary resigns
    Dan Nighswander, general secretary of Mennonite Church Canada, has announced his intention to draw to a close his service in that capacity.
  • New documentary on mental illness planned
    While mental illnesses wreak havoc on a family and individuals who suffer from one of dozens of diagnosable and treatable mental illnesses, the church has not always lived up to its promise of offering a community of respite, support and hope. A new documentary for ABC-TV, currently being taped and produced by Mennonite Media, will examine the impact of mental illnesses on individuals and society.

  • Gather ’Round project adds staff

    The new Mennonite Church Gather ’Round Sunday School curriculum project planned for release in 2006 has added two editorial staff, Amy Gingerich and Terry Stutzman Mast.

February 23

  • Life in Cuba: Commentary
    Depending on who you talk to, life in Cuba is great, good, or ripe for improvement. Much depends on context.
  • Seeking the cinematic Christ: London group examines film with Anabaptist eyes
    As the film industry prepares for the Feb. 27 Academy Awards, some religious groups are suggesting that Hollywood has nothing to offer the faithful. But Vic Thiessen, executive director of the London Mennonite Centre, believes that the movie medium’s tremendous power to influence lives, thoughts and even beliefs makes film-watching vital to understand the modern world, even if the messages do not always fit into Christian theology.
  • Gabrielle Plenert on CBC Tapestry
    Gabrielle Plenert, 17, gets help from CBC radio technician Ron Goede in preparation for an interview for Tapestry, “a weekly exploration of spirituality, religion and the search for meaning.”
  • Former Missionary Nurse in India Dies
    Dorothy Giesbrecht (Andres), 79, who spent 26 years as a mission worker in India with a the Commission on Overseas Mission (COM), a predecessor agency of Mennonite Church Canada Witness, died on Feb. 4 in Abbotsford, British Columbia.

January 26

  • Union Biblical Seminary welcomes new leadership
    After more than seven years guiding the Union Biblical Seminary (UBS) in India, Leaderwell Pohsngap recently retired, turning over leadership to his successor, Samson Parekh. UBS has been a longtime ecumenical partner of the Mennonite family in North America.

  • VBS Curriculum on Psalms available now

    A young boy smashes into his father’s brand new car with a riding lawnmower and feels like an idiot. He attempts to recruit his sister to keep the accident a secret. This is one of several plausible scenarios set up for teachers in the new Vacation Bible School 2005 curriculum available from Mennonite Publishing Network (MPN), Celebrate the Psalms! Our God is Awesome.

January 12

  • Tsunami response: Macau, China

    Despite studies in recent decades that suggest the church and Christian faith is irrelevant in today’s society, the response of individuals to tsunami appeals by church aid organizations suggests otherwise. Mennonite Church Canada Witness workers, Tim and Cindy Buhler are actively engaged in planting a relevant congregation in Macau. This disaster opened up an opportunity to model discipleship and caring in their fledgling church. The congregation responded in prayer for the victims and then collected a Sunday worship offering for relief –their largest offering ever.

  • Art for Relief
    A last minute chance to wrap up some loose ends has resulted in a unique fundraiser for tsunami relief in South East Asia. Over the Christmas holiday break, Ray Dirks, curator of the Mennonite Heritage Centre (MHC) Art Gallery was packing up an exhibition of 60 Indonesian artworks in preparation for their return trip home. While working, he suddenly struck upon the idea of offering the artworks for sale with a portion of proceeds going to support Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) relief efforts in the stricken region.

  • A different Christmas Eve

    This past Christmas Eve, Jean and her 9-year-old daughter decided to do something different. Jean is a cardiologist in a major hospital in Chongqing, a booming commercial centre in west-central China. She is also a member of the Chinese communist party, though she seldom talks about it. And Jean is a student in the Advanced English Program at the Chongqing University of Medical Sciences, where Philip Bender teaches with Mennonite Church Canada Witness and its partner, China Educational Exchange (CEE).

  • New Years Day celebrates 25 years of ministry

    January 1, 2005 is a significant date for Erv Wiens. It marks 25 years since beginning his career in pastoral ministry. His calling began with a mentor and a dream about football.

January 6

  • Commentary - Tsunami: How to respond as communities of faith

    A display in the Mennohoff museum in Shipshewana, Indiana says “Where there is muck and mud, Mennonites are sure to follow.” During this past 2004 festive season, the world paused and turned to TVs, radios and newspapers as the photos of mud and destruction in Asia were unveiled. The outpouring of aid from nations is commendable, but will never set right or restore the lives of the thousands lost. Working with the millions directly affected is a task that will carry on for many years.

January 5

  • This week in Cachipay: 100 days in Colombia

    It was an intense, joyful, tragic, profound, hopeful, tear-filled, tension of life and death, of pain and joy. It was a time for being the church, for being a sign of the kingdom.

  • China program helps children hear words, others hear the word
    While his mouth works fine, Little Wen’s ears fail him. He cannot hear sounds well enough to repeat them. At least, he could not, before his grandfather brought him to Nanchong from their home in Sichuan Province in western China.

  • Muslim midwife sings psalms for safe deliveries

    Jonye Traoré, a woman who has known much sorrow, kneels beside a laboring soon-to-be mother, gently coaxing new life into the world. Traoré often uses the biblical psalms of protection to ward off death and the many other unseen enemies that crouch in the shadowy corners of rooms during childbirth in the region around Saraba, Burkina Faso. Malevolent spiritual powers and microscopic afflictions, like tetanus, wait to pounce on the fragile new life emerging from the womb.

  • The Big House bursts seams

    Although Annette Castillo holds the unenviable position of managing an orphanage during a chickenpox epidemic, she continues to smile broadly. Clearly, Castillo loves the place to which God has called her. That place is La Casa Grande, located just north of Cotonou.

  • Tokyo Mennonites weave Christian color into tapestry of life
    Loneliness and desperation drove Kanako Aizawa to church.   Knowing little English, she had left the security of her native Japan and followed her husband to California where he was studying.  Her young daughter, Mana, cranky with chronic ear infections, also struggled with a developmental disability. Mana’s babysitter told Kanako that she could find hope in Jesus and invited her to the church where the babysitter’s father served as pastor.

  • Internship program enticing way to test gifts

    When you mix equal parts of mission, school, and an international location, exciting seeds are planted. An early plan of Mennonite Church Canada Witness was to offer mission internships to students and others as a way of experiencing international ministry and testing individual’s interests and gifts in another setting.

  • “Without prayer, I wouldn’t know how to be”

    Prayer is the most important part of Clara Dyck's spiritual life, she adds. “Without prayer I wouldn’t know how to be. I don’t know how people get along without prayer.”

  • Native ministry groups enter new territory as single entity
    In many ways, the journey facing the newly formed Native Mennonite Ministries is similar to the one undertaken by Abraham many centuries earlier. “This is new territory,” Lawrence Hart, a pastor from Clinton, Okla., told the 18 representatives from agencies in the United States and Canada who had gathered to discuss forming the new organization. 

  • Poet, professor explores Cheyenne peace chief's connections to Mennonites

    As a poet and university professor, Raylene Hinz-Penner has written lots of poetry, prose and lectures. But nothing has equaled the impact she's felt from interviewing Lawrence Hart – a Cheyenne peace chief and Mennonite pastor – to write and share his life story, she said.

  • Interesting inquiries: Mennonite Media tackles questions of faith, sausage

    A few years back, a firefighter pilot with the British Columbia government was stationed in Williams Lake, B.C. “Our dispatchers were Mennonite ladies and would bring some sausage to the base for us,” this pilot wrote to Third Way Café early this year. He is now retired, lives in Washington state and misses those sausages. “[They were] absolutely great. I would appreciate any help in finding a place near here when I can find some more of your sausages.”

  • Suderman on study leave
    Jack (Robert) Suderman, executive secretary, Mennonite Church Canada Witness, will be on professional development leave from January 1 through mid-April.

January 1

  • Tsunami: An Open Letter to the Churches

    The huge disaster caused by a tsunami in countries surrounding the Indian Ocean has been covered in depth by news agencies. We have seen the pictures and read the first-hand accounts. We may have imagined ourselves in that or similar disastrous situations. And many have also asked "where is God in times of disaster?" and "what does God ask of us in response?"