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Say No to war against Iraq


To the congregations of Mennonite Church Canada:

Mennonite Church Canada is committed to following Christ's teaching and example of exercising peace and justice toward all--including enemies and those who are oppressed. This summer our delegates instructed us to speak to the Canadian government, encouraging it to resist the temptation to launch a military campaign against Iraq. We have sent such a letter jointly with fifteen other Christian churches.

Now you too can add your voice to the collective voice of the church. MCC Canada has launched an initiative which encourages supporting congregations to sign onto a letter to the Prime Minister, urging him to continue to call for peace with Iraq.

Information regarding this initiative can be found at the following website:

Letters should be signed and faxed to MCC Canada by October 14. I urge all Mennonite Church Canada congregations to participate in this witness to our faith and convictions.

Dan Nighswander