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Same Sex Unions and MC Canada


Perceptions and issues of sexuality, specifically around the question of homosexuality and same sex unions, are stimulating rigorous discussions and generating diverse opinions throughout Canadian society as the government moves to change the traditional/legal definition of marriage.

There is diversity in our churches on a wide variety of theological and ethical issues including matters of sexual ethics. Not least of these are the set of questions around appropriate ethical behavior for Christians who are attracted to persons of the same sex, and the set of questions around the church’s relationship with the values of the non-Christian society in which we live.

Below are some links to recent documents and some older background statements. These items provide insight into Mennonite perspectives on same-sex relationships and other sexual activity outside of consensual relations in a heterosexual monogamous marriage. These documents also declare a covenant “to mutually bear the burden of remaining in loving dialogue with each other,” “to take part in the ongoing search for discernment and for openness to each other,” and a commitment “that we call for and acknowledge the integrity of the same commitment [of faithfulness to our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, according to the light that God has given us in the Scriptures and the Holy Spirit] on the part of those who disagree with us.”

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