Mennonite Settlements on the Volga River  (p. 134 - 139)


Davlekanovo, also known as Ufa, was settled in 1894. The settlers came from Molotschna. The settlement consisted of nineteen villages and estates near the Davlekanovo station.

Alexandertal (Alt Samara) was settled in 1859 by Mennonites from the Vistula Delta.

Neu Samara was a daughter colony of Molotschna. It was settled in 1890.

The villagers in the northwestern part of the Orenburg settlement came from Chortitza in 1895. The villagers in the southeastern part of the settlement came from Molotschna in 1896.

The Trakt Colony was settled in 1854 by Mennonite families from the Vistula Delta. The leader of that migration was Claas Epp. His son Claas Epp Jr. took many of the villagers to central Asia in 1880.