Chihuahua, Mexico  (p. 188 - 191)


After World War I the provincial governments in Saskatchewan and Manitoba passed legislation that restricted the control local communities had over their schools. The British flag had to be flown and the English language had to be used for instruction. Some of the Mennonites saw these changes as a threat to their faith and made preparations to leave this country.

The Mexican government granted them the desired privileges. During the years 1922 to 1926 numerous trains filled with Mennonite emigrants from Manitoba and Saskatchewan arrived at Cuauhtemoc. The Old Colony settlers from Manitoba founded the Manitoba Colony. The Old Colony Mennonites from Saskatchewan established the Swift Current Colony. The Sommerfelder Mennonites settled the Santa Clara Colony.

The Nordkolonie (Ojo de la Yegua Colony) was founded in 1948 by settlers from the Manitoba Colony and the Swift Current Colony. The villages numbered 18 to 22 had been settled earlier by families from the Manitoba Colony. They became part of the Nordkolonie in 1948.

The Kleinegemeinde Mennonites from Manitoba settled the Quelenkolonie (Los Jagueyes Colony) in 1948.

The Santa Rita Colony was established in 1958 by settlers from the Manitoba Colony, the Swift Current Colony and the Nordkolonie.