Land of the Reformation (p. 2)

The following are a few of the major events that occurred in Europe during the Reformation.
Mainz:  Johannes Gutenberg perfected his printing press in 1440. The new press was used to print Luther’s newly translated Bible. The reformers in Zurich as well as Menno Simons used this invention to spread their teachings.
Rotterdam:  Erasmus 1466-1536, a Christian humanist, emphasized the literal study and reinterpretation of the Bible from original sources. He provided the intellectual basis for the Reformation.
Wittenberg:  Luther nailed his ninety-five thesis to the Castle Church door in 1517. He reasserted what Wycliff and Huss had tried to teach more than a century earlier.
Worms:  Luther defended his teachings before Charles V in 1521.
Prague:  The Thirty Years’ War began in 1618.