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The "Along the Road to Freedom" Tour

Along the Road to Freedom tells the stories of mothers, daughters, grandmothers and sisters who led their families out of persecution and suffering to lives of freedom and peace

For more information or to book the exhibition into your venue, contact Ray Dirks, artist and curator, at

collage of paintings of women

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September 19 - November 22 : Opening: September 19, 7:30PM
An exhibition featuring Lucy Riquelme from Chile, Fanny Gómez de Correa from Colombia and Gabriela Aguero originally from Argentina, now living in Winnipeg, will be in the gallery as we roll into October. As a result, this year’s fundraiser will have a South American flavour.

All three artists will be in attendance at the opening at 7:30 on Friday, September 19. We invite you to join us, especially to welcome Lucy and Fanny to Manitoba.

Invitation to Identidad

For more information see CANVASs V7 #5

Coming Next

Jodi Hildebrand, curated by Jaimie Isaac, and Chantel Mierau, opening November 28.

Annual Fundraiser

Friday, October 3, 7:00PM

Past Exhibits

This page contains an archive of past exhibits.

MHC Gallery Vision

The Mennonite Heritage Centre Gallery works side by side with the Mennonite Heritage Centre Archives to link history with the present and future. We wish to link the ethnic past to the multiethnic now and tomorrow through shared faith and ideals. The MHC Gallery joins Mennonite History with art in order to stimulate and keep alive Anabaptist/Mennonite distinctives built on faith, perseverance and obedience.

We share our world, country and community with people from myriad cultures. Just as the church is diverse, so too Christian artists reflect that diversity. Just as Mennonite artists within the church have often not found a relevant place, neither have Christian artists from immigrant or refugee communities or those from the developing world. The MHC Gallery offers all these artists a place to exhibit their creativity.

This mix of art, artists and cultures points to a foundation of Mennonite history and faith flowing into a cornucopia of varied expression nurtured from and heralding the same source, God.

For more information, contact Ray Dirks, curator of the MHC Gallery.

Hours and Location

Phone: 204-888-6781; Fax: 204-831-5675
Location: 600 Shaftesbury Blvd.,Winnipeg, MB R3P 0M4
(South of Grant, on the campus of the Canadian Mennonite University)
Hours: Monday - Friday, 8:30AM. - 4:30PM
Saturday, noon - 5:00PM (Gallery only)
Off hours tours can be arranged, call Ray Dirks at (204) 888 6781

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