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This section has dated archived material

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  • Awakening: the Art of Faye Hall / Moved by the Spirit: June 26 - September 10
  • Stone, Grass, Fabric, Canvas contemporary art of Zimbabwe Paintings: May 9 - June 21, 2014
  • Perceptions: coming together through art: March 21 - May 3
  • Moore, Froese & Neufeld collaboration, January 24 - March 15, For more information see CANVASs V17 #1
  • "Shh! Water is Talking”, November 15, 2013-January 18, 2014, a group exhibit with Sam Baardman, Heidi Hunter, Rhian Brynjolson, Cullen Bingeman, Joy Eidse, Patrick Dunford, Simone Allard and featuring the work of Bob Haverluck. For more information see CANVASs V16 #6
  • Embracing the I-kon, September 20 - November 9, 2013. Featuring hist
  • oric and folk icons, work by iconographer Vera Senchuk and artists Michael Boss, Ray Dirks, Michele Sarna, Seth Woodyard, Christian Worthington. Curated by Rachel Baerg. Opening September 20, 7pm. For more information see CANVASs V16 #5
  • Manitoba Society of Artisits - 81st Annual Open Juried Exhibition: June 27 to September 14, 2013. For more information see CANVASs V16 #4
  • Who Will Listen to Our Stories: Silvia Regehr Graham. May 3 to June 22, 2013. For more information see CANVASs V16 #3
  • From Paraguay to Winnipeg: March 15 to April 27, 2013. For more information see CANVASs V16 #2.
  • Metaphors in Cloth and Clay: February 1 to March 9. 2013. For more information see CANVASs V16 #1.
  • Along the Road to Freedom: October 14, 2012 to January 26, 2013: for more information see CANVASs V15 #6.
  • Prairie Connection: August 16, 2012 to October 6: for more information see the newsletter: CANVASs V. XV, #5
  • Harvest Pilgrims: Migrant Farm Workers in Canada and Mayan Families, art from Guatemala: June 21 - August 11, 2012: for more information see the newsletter: CANVASs V. XV, #4
  • Under Currents, photographs by Sam Baardman: Friday, May 4 to June 16, 2012: for more information see the newsletter: CANVASs V. XV, #3
  • God Among Us - art from the Catholic experience: March 17, 2012 to April 28: For more information see the newsletter: CANVASs V. XV, #2
  • Indescribable - It Is About Murder: January 27 - March 10, 2012: Art from Cliff Derksen, Odia Reimer, Kelsie Trudeau, Steve Penner and Angela Lillico. For more information see the newsletter: CANVASs V. XV, #1
  • Hutterite Life through a Hutterite’s eye: photographs by Kelly Hofer. December 2, 2011 - January 21, 2012. For more information see the newsletter: CANVASs V. XIV, #7
  • An Exhibition of new work from the River on the Run Artist Collective: Bob Haverluck | Deborah Schnitzer | Rhian Brynjolson | Sam Baardman; October 14, 7:30 pm to November 26th; For more information see the newsletter: CANVASs V. XIV, #6
  • CUBAN ART: September 8 -October 8: Dalvis Tuya, Jairo Alfonso, Francisco Núñez Cutting edge art and artists from Cuba return to the gallery. For more information see the newsletter: CANVASs V. XIV, #5
  • June 23 - August 27: For more information see CANVASs V. XIV #4
    • Lower Gallery: Manitoba Craft Council 2011 Juried Exhibition Make. Stop. Repeat. Fine Contemporary Craft
    • Upper Gallery: Jean Wiens | Peter von Kampen | Robert Burton
  • Bound by Nature - May 6 - June 18: Bound by Nature is a group exhibition. Eleven fellow artists/book artists presented an interesting and eclectic art exhibit of works inspired by books, nature and landscape. For more information see CANVASs V. XIV #3
  • March 11 - April 30
    • Prairie Horizons - Alfred H. Siemens - The sweep of Prairie landscapes has always fascinated me: subtle forms and colours reaching out to horizons almost too sharp to follow with the eye, arched over by expansive skies.
    • Mennonite Women Evolving - Bev F. Friesen and Gail Sawatzky - We are both Mennonite women in culture as well as in our faith. We were both born and raised in Southern Manitoba in a typical Mennonite community in and near Altona.
    • For more information see CANVASs V. XIV #2
  • Here in This Place - January 21, 2011 -March 5, 2011: Here in This Place is to complement Canadian Mennonite University’s Refreshing Winds conference of the same name to be held in early February 2011. While that conference is geared towards Christian pastors and musicians, worship leaders and planners, the exhibit is wider ranging, acknowledging the breadth of our audience and the various traditions of artists connected to the gallery. For more information see CANVASs V. XIV #1
  • Just Food: Right to Food from a Faith Perspective - November 20, 2010 – January 15, 2011: Food is essential for human life. It is a commodity, something to be prepared and consumed, but it is more than this. With food comes vitality, community and celebration. Without it, there is hunger, conflict and death. Hunger around the world suggests that our food systems are unjust. Is the abundant food available to some of us "just" food when others go without? For more information see CANVASs V. XIII #6
  • Reymond Pagé - September 24 - November 13 : 275 Days — the exhibit — was inspired by 275 days of backpacking around the world with my family in 2007 and 2008. This collection of drawings, paintings and photographs is an effort to relate that experience - exploring places overrun by time, witnessing hope and determination in faces young and old and recognizing the beauty in that which is often overlooked or covered up. For more information see CANVASs V. XIII #5 [665KB PDF file] and CANVASs V. XIII #6
  • In the Spirit of Humanity - June 24 to September 18
    In the Spirit of Humanity is a multilayered MHC Gallery project. The first layer was revealed in January 2009 as Manju Lodha and I had an exhibition together in Jaipur, India. Rajasthan artist Dr. M.K. Sharma helped make our exhibition possible at the beautiful Jawahar Kala Kendra Art Centre. Following, Manju, Isam Aboud and I gave presentations and led art workshops for several months in schools and adult EAL (English as an Additional Language) programs throughout Winnipeg. Of the more than 1,000 students who participated, nearly 500 contributed art to the In the Spirit of Humanity Student Exhibition which took place earlier this year. Now it is the presenters turn to be featured in an exhibition. For more information see CANVASs V. XIII #4 [334KB PDF file]
  • The Buffalo Creek Artists - May 1 to June 19
    The Buffalo Creek Artists live and work in an area of Manitoba called Rhineland. They represent the rich culture of its towns and villages, and the land between the Red River and the Pembina escarpment. Exploring the enduring elements of this landscape—poplar trees, languid creeks, scraps of old tools, crops and gardens, the whimsy of nature, weathered faces—they mine the legacy of their Germanic forebears, and look beyond to imagined places that would stir the root-bound soul of past generations. For more information see CANVASs V. XIII #3 [577KB PDF file]
  • In the Spirit of Humanity - Student Exhibition - March 12 - April 24:
    In the Spirit of Humanity celebrates and reflects the increasingly multicultural face of Canada, of our city, Winnipeg. Manju Lodha, Isam Aboud and Ray Dirks have spent the past several months traveling from school to school, offering multimedia presentations and art workshops to students from grades one to 12 and to newcomers in adult English as an Additional Language programs, from the inner city to the suburbs. There have been smiles, laughs and tears. There has been spontaneous singing and dancing. For more information see CANVASs V. XIII #2 [395KB PDF file]
  • Photography exhibitions by Pamela Leach and Sam Baardman - January 22, 2010 - March 6, 2010
    Water — flowing, stagnant, frozen, thawed, pristine, polluted, winding, pooling, searching, finding — dominates two photography exhibitions opening on January 22. Pamela Leach, a professor at Canadian Mennonite University, happened into being a photographer, pulled by the recurring pooling of an urban puddle and all that it represents to her. Sam Baardman, a professional in various artistic pursuits, including photography, came to the gallery’s attention through the recommendation of artist and friend Bob Haverluck. The photographers do not know each other but their themes stream together, causing viewers thoughts to flow from weedy puddle to shoreline to greater depths. For more information see CANVASs V. XIII #1 [500KB PDF file]
  • Installation and other art by Ruth Maendel - November 20, 2009 - January 16, 2010. Ruth’s art is not bound by any particular medium. It might be something that can be hung on the wall. It might be freestanding. It might be a complicated installation that took an eternity to map out and as long to put together. It might be something sublimely simple. It may include fabric, paint, metal, wood, ceramics, beads or… Regardless, whatever it is she creates, each piece has the same values and faith at its core. For more information see see CANVASs V. XII #5 [367KB PDF file]
  • Exhibition by fibre artists of the Articulation group - September 18 – November 14. See CANVASs V. 12 #4 for more information. Also see the Articulation website.
  • Beyond Walls: on the road home... by Manitoba inmates - June 20 – September 12. See CANVASs V. 12 #3 for more information.
  • “The truth about the secret treaty between humans and bees, trees, ducks, wolves, rivers and…” by Bob Haverluck; also, engravings by Mexican artist Aranda - April 3 – June 6. See CANVASs V. 12 #2 for more information
  • Westgate Mennonite Collegiate 50th Anniversary Celebrations - February 6 – March 28. See CANVASs V. 12 #1 for more information.
  • Faces of Courage III by Betty Smith - December 16 - January 31. See CANVASs V.11 #8 for more info.
  • Standing: A Journey of Resilience - a juried exhibition & Throught the Flowers by Edith Krause, November 7 – December 10. See CANVASs V.11 #7 for more info.
  • CONNECTIONS Fibre Art by: Pam Godderis Dangerfield, Bonny Voice, and Judy Morningstar - September 19 – November 1. See CANVASs V.11 #6 for more info.
  • Material Circumstances by Deborah Danelley - July 31 – September 13. See CANVASs V.11 #5 for more info.
  • memories & parachutes… contemporary art from Cuba. June 19 - July 26. See CANVASs V.11 #4 for more info.
  • Hutterite Art: May 2 - June 14, 2008
  • FOOTSTEPS: A Global Response: March 7 - April 26, 2008
    by Stella Meades
    and Girls of Stella Matutina
  • Invisible Dignity Project: student exhibition: January 25 - March 1, 2008
    Art by middle and senior years students from River East Transcona School Division. See CANVASs V.11 #1 for more info. [162 KB PDF file - Help with PDF files]
  • Invisible Dignity: Juried group exhibition: November 23, 2007 - January 19, 2008
    The annual juried group show continues the exploration of the theme of human dignity. See CANVASs V.10 #6 for more info. [190 KB PDF file - Help with PDF files]
  • Invisible Dignity: September 22 - November 17, 2007 an exhibition featuring the work of Gerald Folkerts, Yisa Akinbolaji, Steve Prince (Virginia), Jo Cooper (Quebec) and Ray Dirks opens on September 22 and kicks off a half year devoted to the theme of human dignity (see CANVASs V.10 #5 for more info)
  • Exhibitions by Jean Wiens and Carol Mills: June 21 - September 15, 2007; This exhibition honours the life of Carol Mills, who passed away too soon on February 25. Mills’ part of the exhibition will be coordinated by her husband, John Mills. (see CANVASs V.10 #4 for more info)
  • Side by Side: spiritual & cultural coexistence by Manju Lodha, April 26 - June 16, 2007 (see CANVASs V.10 #3 for more info)
  • Ken Loewen & James Paterson: March 9 - April 21, 2007 (see CANVASs V.10 #2 for more info)
  • Playgrounds by Rhian Brynjolson & children from Wellington Elementary School, January 19 to March 3, 2007 (see CANVASs V.10 #1 for more info)
  • Why Art? III: Annual juried group exhibition, opening Friday, November 17, 2006. Until January 13, 2007 (see CANVASs V.9 #7 for more info)
  • Bound for Peace: September 3 – November 11, 2006
  • an ordinary miracle: election day in Kinshasa: September 3 – November 11, 2006
  • In Your Dreams: August 24 - September 19, 2006
    • The thirty works represented in this exhibition are deeply felt mediations on dreams and dreaming. They challenge, they delight, they celebrate and they mourn. In the best sense, they enrich our understanding of ourselves and others not in any narrow sense as Canadians or Germans or Australians but as members of the human family.
  • Points of Connection: June 8 - August 19, 2006
    • This exhibition traced the work of Leonard Gerbrandt and Karen Cornelius. A large part of this exhibition includes original prints created in the viscosity intaglio method of printmaking. This method dominated both artists’ work for a number of years.
  • "Discovering My Original Face" by Milly Giesbrecht & "Journeys" by Laurie Potovsky-Beachell. Pauline A. Braun and Sandy Glass: April 7 - May 27, 2006
  • 2 from Africa
  • Ken Hildebrand - Poetry and Paint
  • Why Art? 2
  • Faith in the Dominican Republic & Amate: Love! A Selection of Ancient Symbols
  • Manitoba and Mennonite Heritage by Peter Von Kampen
  • Edith Kraus - Neil Dyck
  • In God’s Image - A Global Anabaptist Family by Ray Dirks
  • Jonah and the Cow, John of the Honey Bees, Jesus and the Healing Trees” by Bob Haverluck: January 14 – February 26, 2005
  • the Beatitudes - annual juried group exhibition: November 26 – January 8, 2005
  • Faces of Courage II by Betty Smith: Inspiring Portraits of Inspiring Women (Oct 15 - November 20, 2004)
  • Kirie Art from Japan by Gen Tsuboi & Peace through Humor: Children's Art from Israel (Sept. 7-Oct. 9, 2004)
  • Ray Dirks & Ruth Mandel (and special guest artist Isam Aboud), July 5 - August 28, 2004
  • Altered Shapes: A juried exhibit of fabric art from across western Canada featuring members of the Fibre Art Network (April 23 - June 8, 2004)
  • International Photography Exhibition
  • The Disappearance of the Plains Buffalo by Jo Cooper & From Andrew Street
  • Peace on Earth (annual juried exhibition) & The Annunciation Series and other recent painting by Christian Worthington
  • Jean Wiens/Rhonda Harder Epp
  • Sketches from Siberia: the art of Jacob Sudermann (1888-1940?)
  • Celebrating Ghana Through Children's Art
  • The Land is not just a place
  • (dis)comfort
  • In The Shadows of Volcanoes, a collection of pieces being offered for sale in aid of Indonesian tsunami victims and survivors.
  • peace speaks: Among Friends
  • Ruth Maendel/ Wish I was here