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Mennonite Church Canada Witness works with Anabaptist partners in South Korea to nurture individuals and churches who are seeking an Anabaptist/Mennonite approach to Christian peacemaking, discipleship, and community. Mennonite Church Canada Witness supports the Korea Anabaptist Center (KAC) with personnel and financial support to provide Korean churches with resources for peacemaking, discipleship, and Christian community. Through peace education, translation and publishing of Anabaptist books, and speaking engagements, KAC staff provides a variety of Anabaptist resources to churches and individuals in South Korea. Witness personnel support the Jesus Village Church, an Anabaptist church in Chun Cheon, participating in the church’s leadership team and teaching at the alternative “V-School”. In partnership with Korean Anabaptist Christians, Mennonite Church Canada Witness is supporting the emergence of the Grace and Peace Mennonite Church, another Anabaptist church in Seoul. A number of individuals and congregations interested in Anabaptism are organizing into a network called the Korea Anabaptist Mission Fellowship.

Mennonite Church Canada Witness also supports Connexus, an English language institute that is associated with KAC. Korean students are attracted to Connexus, not only to learn English, but also because of the depth of relationships that teachers have with students and the opportunities to discuss matters of faith, peace, and justice.



  • Connexus language institute is in need of English teachers. Pray that teachers will be found, and encourage potential teachers to consider this opportunity for employment and service. (
  • The Korea Anabaptist Mission Fellowship is a new network that connects several congregations that are interested in Anabaptist outreach. Pray for the strengthening of this network.


  • Mennonite Mission Network (MMN)
  • Korea Anabaptist Center, Seoul (KAC);
  • Jesus Village Church/V-School, Chun Cheon (JVC)

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