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Call for interested participants in
Inter-Church and Inter-Faith Relations Reference Council


The aim

The General Board and the General Secretary share responsibility for nurturing Mennonite Church Canada's relationship with other Christian denominations and with non-Christian faith groups. Changes have taken place in our church structures, in the inter-church context in Canada and in inter-faith relations in our society (especially since September 11, 2001). The time is ripe to address inter-church and inter-faith conversations with greater intentionality and vigour.

The timeline

Over the next year we intend to strengthen our relationship with Evangelical Fellowship of Canada, Canadian Council of Churches and the agencies that they sponsor. We plan to participate in a North American ecumenical "Conference on Faith and Life." We also expect to pursue bi-lateral connections with several denominations (like the Mennonite-Catholic dialogue of the past four years) and to explore appropriate ways for us to engage with integrity in inter-faith dialogue.

The call

To assist me in working at this agenda I am seeking a few persons who can form a reference group on Inter-Church / Inter-Faith Relations (IC/IF Relations). Members of this reference group may be asked to attend various IC/IF meetings, monitor IC/IF conversations, moderate an internet bulletin board on the topic, or otherwise participate in the IC/IF work. Most of the work will be done by internet, email, and telephone, with occasional face-to-face meetings. If you feel called to this work, or if you can recommend someone else for it, please contact me at the address above and tell me what you could bring to this table.

Keep in touch!

We know that many congregations, pastors and other church members are engaged in local ecumenical activities. I would really like to hear what you are doing so the reference group has a "base line" of our activities to define how we are already involved. Please send me a note ( or 204-888-6781).

Dan Nighswander
General Secretary