Climate Action

Climate scientists have been sounding the call for decades. In recent years their call has turned to a ringing alarm: we must act, we must act together, and we must act urgentlyPrompted by God’s love for the world and emboldened by resurrection hope, we are summoned to enter into all of creation, to walk in solidarity with all that suffers because of human greed and violence, walking toward newness and fullness of life.

Sustainability Leadership Group

In January of 2020 Mennonite Church Canada’s Joint Council approved the development of a strategy to give leadership in moving towards greater sustainability within its sphere of influence. In doing so, it formed the Sustainability Leadership Group with representation from across the nationwide church.

The Eco-mission of the Church in a Critical Time

Our Christian faith call us to hold hands with climate science. We call on all members and congregations and regional churches of our Mennonite Church Canada family to join together in this eco-mission. Click on the button below to read more about the six initiatives of mission to take action on climate change in a critical time.

Engage Locally

The regional churches of Mennonite Church Canada would be thrilled to hear from you. Bring your ideas, your spirit, and your energy. Connect with: 

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Eastern Canada

Mennonite Climate Action News from across Canada

Climate Action News from Canadian Mennonite magazine

MC Canada climate action update

In a meeting on Jan. 30, 2022, Mennonite Church Canada’s governing body, Joint Council, affirmed climate action as a nationwide ministry emphasis. Aaron Epp, senior writer for Canadian Mennonite magazine, reports on the progress to date.

Read the CM story here

Saskatoon congregation installs solar panels to reduce energy costs and be an example

Wildwood Mennonite Church recently became the first Mennonite Church Saskatchewan congregation to go solar. But, as with all major spending decisions, this one wasn’t made overnight. Saskatchewan correspondent Donna Schulz filed this story in Feb., 2019. Photo by Les Klassen Hamm

Something new under the sun

Mennonite-based solar projects include Erb Street Mennonite Church and Mennonite Savings and Credit Union’s branch, both in Waterloo; Hillcrest Mennonite Church, New Hamburg; Elmira Mennonite Church; and Rockway Mennonite Collegiate and the House of Friendship’s Eby Village, both in Kitchener. 

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