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The Palestine and Israel Network (PIN) is a volunteer association of working groups and individuals who seek to promote a just peace in the Holy Land. Our mandate is the Resolution on Palestine and Israel that was passed at the Mennonite Church Canada 2016 Assembly, in response to the call of Palestinian Christians. Connect with a working group in your regional church here.

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Pray with Palestinian Christians

One of the commitments we made in the 2016 Resolution is to pray for God's peace in  the religious, political and social situations in which the Palestinian people live. To facilitate this, we often use the calls for prayer coming from our Christian Palestinian friends at Bethlehem Bible College and the Sabeel Ecumenical Liberation Theology Centre in Bethlehem and Jerusalem, respectively.  The following request comes from Sabeel's "Wave of Prayer" for January 16, 2023... 

Open letter to federal government

Earlier this year, representatives of the national PIN crafted an open letter to Prime Minister Trudeau and Foreign Affairs Minister Mélanie Joly, asking them to align Canada's actions toward Israel with its own official policy on Israel and Palestine. The letter was in response to this year's surge in attacks on human rights activists and journalists in Israel and Palestine, the confiscation and demolition of Palestinian property, and the treatment of children in Israeli military detention. We offer the letter here as a resource - for your information and prayer, and as a template for your own letter-writing.

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Each month we send out a newsletter that includes an action call, a few brief updates and links related to peace and justice in Palestine and Israel, and a call to prayer. Click the link below to view the current issue and/or subscribe.

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Bethlehem Bible College

You are invited to support the ministry of Bethlehem Bible College. Bethlehem Bible College exists to train people to serve Christ in the world, advocate a Palestinian Christian perspective, and model Christ through community development. Mennonite Church Canada International Witness partners with BBC to walk with Palestinian Christians and to learn and grow together. Support for their ministry will enable their presence to serve the local and other Arabic speaking congregations in the region. Learn more at




In the wake of the 2016 resolution, CommonWord has assembled extensive resources (books, videos and curricula) related to Palestine and Israel. Downloadable resources generated specifically for resolution follow-up include:

“A Cry for Home” from Mennonite Central Committee

While not formally linked to Mennonite Church Canada PIN, this public-awareness campaign began in the year following Mennonite Church Canada’s resolution. Drawing on MCC’s seven decades of partnerships in Palestine and Israel, “Cry for Home” includes a raft of informative fact sheets, videos and calls to action. It has also developed a land exercise, a hands-on learning experience about the Palestinian experience. Mennonite Church Canada PIN working groups and individuals draw heavily—and gratefully—on Cry for Home resources.

Links to associated organizations

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