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Mennonite Church Canada Structure:
Church Engagement Council


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Mennonite Church Canada work is administered by a General Board and three councils: Formation, Witness and:

Church Engagement Council


Church Engagement Council nurtures the relationships between Mennonite Church Canada, area churches, congregations and individuals. Strong, healthy relationships enhance our capacity to engage with and learn from the diversity that God has created among and beyond us.


Church Engagement encourages and supports God's work through:

  • Communication
  • Partnership Development
  • Missional Formation
  • Speaker scheduling and Witness worker itineration
  • Canadian Mennonite*
  • Mennonite Foundation of Canada*
  • New Initiatives


  • Vince Friesen, AB - Chair
  • Emily Toews, SK
  • Dori Zerbe Cornelson, MB
  • Bud Kehler, MB
  • Bryan Moyer Suderman, ON
  • Louie Sawatzky, MB
  • Kaye Rempel, ON


Ministries marked with asterisks(*) are related to Mennonite Church Canada, usually through the appointment of board members, but are shared with other partners. Mennonite Church Canada does not administer these programs/agencies/institutions itself. Go back to the referring point (if you clicked on an asterisk to get here.)