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Peace Sermons by Canadian Mennonites


Preach Peace and Pursue It: Peace Sermons by Canadian Mennonites

A collection of 16 sermons on peace, preached in Canadian Mennonite churches in the past 2 years. These sermons reflect our context and our time. They are a "snapshot" of what we are saying and hearing about peace from our pulpits, meant to inspire and encourage preaching on peace. Begins with "the original Peace Sunday package" - 2 Peace Sunday sermons from 1961.

From the back cover:

"The message of peace is the heart of the Christian gospel. Conversion, salvation, reconciliation, and liberation are all ways of talking about the Christian gospel of peace: God's desire to restore creation to wholeness. The proclamation of peace is the unchanging task of the church. The Christian responsibility to "preach peace" is both a way of teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ and a way of unmasking the many messages that militate against peace in our world." - Robert (Jack) Suderman

Sermon titles include:

  • The Church You've Always Longed For... Serves a Broken World
  • Jubilee! Good News of Liberty for All!
  • What Can One Person Do?
  • The Christian and Racism
  • The Call to Peaceful Living
  • Family Trouble - When Things Fall Apart
  • Getting in the Way
  • Living the Gospel of Peace within a Culture of Deception
  • About Bandits and a Young Mennonite Girl
  • and more....

This collection is compiled and made available by the Resources Commission of the Mennonite Church Canada.

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