Our Team

Dan Dyck
Interim Communications Coordinator/Writer 

Dan works with regional communicators to coordinate the flow of information about programs, events and resources for our nationwide community of faith. 

 tel. 204-888-6781
tf. 866-888-6785 

Norm Dyck
Liason Worker, International Witness

Norm works part time as an International Witness ​Liaison Worker for Ethiopia and Myanmar. Norm is also ​Mennonite Church Eastern Canada's Mission Minister. Home congregation: ​Listowel Mennonite Church, Listowel, Ont.

tel. 226-476-2500 x707


Zachary Entz
General Accountant 

Zach processes account receivables, prepares financial statements, facilitates audits, and assists with budgets.  He provides oversight to the management of the office functions. Home Congregation: Fort Gary Mennonite Fellowship in Winnipeg.

 finance@mennonitechurch.ca tel. 204-888-6781 ext. 255
tf. 866-888-6785 ext. 255

Steffi Friesen
Finance Assistant / Accounts Payable

As part of the finance team, Steffi processes expense claims and bills, keeps contacts updated, and assists where needed .Steffi attends Douglas Mennonite Church in Winnipeg.

 tel. 204.888.6781 ext. 184
tf. 866-888-6785 ext. 184

Arlyn Friesen Epp
Director, CommonWord Bookstore and Resource Centre

Arlyn oversees the selecting of resources for the church/university communities and makes them easily accessible in-store, online and off-site. Home congregation: Home Street Mennonite Church, Winnipeg, Man.

 tel. 204-594-0527 ext. 333
tf. 877-846-1593

Jeanette Hanson
Director, International Witness

Jeanette facilitates, coordinates and encourages international ministry and connections within Mennonite Church Canada congregations, regional churches and with international partners. Home congregation: Rosthern Mennonite Church, Rosthern, Sask.

tf. 866-888-6785 

Doug Klassen
Executive Minister

Doug gives administrative, organizational, relational and spiritual leadership to Mennonite Church Canada. He works with Joint Council, Executive Staff Group and the regional churches to promote spiritually vibrant congregations actively engaged in God’s mission in the world. Home congregation: Bethel Mennonite Church, Winnipeg, Man.

 tel. 204-888-6781 ext. 115
tf. 866-888-6785 ext. 115

Jonathan Neufeld
Indigenous Relations coordinator 

Jonathan provides coordination and support for regional staff and working groups engaged in Indigenous reconciliation and relationship building and facilitates nationwide ecumenical networking. Jonathan also serves on the pastoral team of Charleswood Mennonite Church.

 tel. 204-888-6781 ex. 106
tf. 866-888-6785 ex. 106

Sandy Plett
Climate Action Coordinator 

In response to the climate crisis, Sandy Plett provides support to the regional churches and their working groups and networks with nationwide partners doing climate justice work. Home congregation: Pembina Fellowship

 tel. 204-888-6781 ext. 124
tf. 866-888-6785 ext. 124

Susan Reynar
Executive Assistant

Susan provides administrative support to the executive minister and to the Executive Staff Group, Joint Council, Church Leadership Ministers and Company of 1000. Home congregation: Home Street Mennonite Church, Winnipeg, Man.

 tel. 204-888-6781 ext. 109
tf. 866-888-6785 ext. 109

AnaSara Rojas
Administrative Assistant, CommonWord Bookstore and Resource Centre

AnaSara helps people via e-mail and phone, fills and ships orders when people borrow or buy resources and tries to work in some book cataloguing around the edges. Home congregation: Fort Garry Mennonite Fellowship, Winnipeg, Man.

 tel. 204-594-0527 ext. 334
tf. 877-846-1593 ext. 334

Tany Warkentin
Liason Worker Africa, International Witness

Tany works part time as an International Witness ​Liaison Worker for ministry in Africa in cooperation with Africa Inter-Mennonite Mission and other partner ministries in western Africa. Tany is also treasurer for Mennonite Church Alberta. She is current pastoral leader of her home congregation Springridge Mennonite Church in Pincher Creek, Alta.

 tel. 204-888-6781

Laura Zacharias
Coordinator, Payroll & Benefits

Laura administers the Mennonite Church Canada staff and Witness worker payroll and the pension and benefits plans for the pastors and church staff in our local congregations. She works with treasurers across Canada in relation to pensions/benefits/payroll/T4/year-end items.

 tel. 204-888-6781 ext. 119
tf. 866-888-6785 ext. 119