Structure & Affiliations


Mennonite Church Canada is a nationwide community of faith. It's work is administered by the Joint Council and the Executive Staff Group (see below). For a visual representation of the structure of Mennonite Church Canada please refer to our organizational chart.

Current Foundation Documents


Mennonite Church Canada affiliates with different organizations worldwide.

Joint Council

The Joint Council members are:
Geraldine Balzer (Assistant Moderator)
Andrea De Avila (MCM)
Lee Dyck (Moderator, MCBC)
Henry Funk (MCSK)
Gerald Gerbrandt (Moderator, MCM)
Allan Hiebert (Secretary/Treasurer)
Arli Klassen (Moderator, MCEC)
Doug Klassen (Mennonite Church Canada Executive Minister)
Margaret Kruger-Harder (MCA)
Betty Loewen (MCBC)
Calvin Quan (Moderator)
Terry Stefaniuk (Moderator, MCSK)
Brenda Tiessen-Wiens (Moderator, MCA)
Ly Vang (MCEC)

In short, the Joint Council takes the place of the former "General Board" of Mennonite Church Canada.

Mennonite Church Canada Joint Council (Jan. 2020).

Executive Staff

Garry Janzen
Executive Minister
Mennonite Church British Columbia

Tim Wiebe-Neufeld
Area Church Minister
Mennonite Church Alberta


Ryan Siemens
Executive Minister
Mennonite Church Saskatchewan


Ken Warkentin
Executive Director
Mennonite Church Manitoba


Doug Klassen
Executive Director
Mennonite Church Canada



David Martin
Executive Minister
Mennonite Church Eastern Canada

Listen to Spoken Vision


Reader: Elsie Rempel


Reader: Pierre Gilbert
Translator: Daniel Genest


Reader: Elsie Rempel
Translator: Waldemar Janzen


Reader: Jooran Kim
Translator: Nak Sun Kim


Reader: Haiyan Zhang
Translator: Winfred Soong


Reader: Margarita Fust
Translator: Irma Maier


Reader: Raoul Bogoya
Translator: Jorge Hoajaca


Reader: Van Hoa Chau
Translator: Nhien Pham