Structure & Affiliations


Mennonite Church Canada is a nationwide community of faith. It's work is administered by the Joint Council and the Executive Staff Group (see below). For a visual representation of the structure of Mennonite Church Canada please refer to our organizational chart.

Current Foundation Documents


Mennonite Church Canada affiliates with different organizations worldwide.

Joint Council

The Joint Council members are:

  • Geraldine Balzer (Moderator)
  • Bruce Baergen (Assistant Moderator)
  • Paul Gilbert (Secretary/Treasurer)
  • Gerry Grunau (Moderator, MCBC)
  • Brenda Tiessen-Wiens (Moderator, MCA)
  • Sharon Schulz (Moderator, MCSK)
  • Cheryl Braun (Moderator, MCM)
  • Arli Klassen (Moderator, MCEC); Ben Cassels (Moderator Elect, effective May, 2023)
  • Jennifer Regehr (MCBC Rep)
  • Margaret Kruger-Harder (MCA Rep)
  • David Wiens (MCM Rep)
  • Yoel Trakoon Masyawong (MCEC Rep)
  • Vacant position (MCSK Rep)
  • Doug Klassen (Mennonite Church Canada Executive Minister

In short, the Joint Council takes the place of the former "General Board" of Mennonite Church Canada.

Executive Staff Group

Shel Boese
Executive Minister
Mennonite Church British Columbia



Doug Klassen
Executive Minister
Mennonite Church Canada

tel. 204-888-6781 ext. 115



Tim Wiebe-Neufeld
Executive Minister
Mennonite Church Alberta


Michael Pahl
Executive Minister
Mennonite Church Manitoba



Gary Peters
Interim Executive Minister
Mennonite Church Saskatchewan

tel. 306-221-2044



Ann Schultz
Interim Executive Team Leader
Mennonite Church Eastern Canada
tel. 226-476-2500
855-476-2500 x 706 


Mennonite Church Canada is a member of:

Mennonite World Conference

Canadian Council of Churches

Evangelical Fellowship of Canada