Why I Love Valaqua

Why I Love Valaqua

I became a Counsellor-In-Training (CIT) at Camp Valaqua when I was sixteen years old and I can confidently call it the best summer of my life. I have continued to come back each summer since. Let me share some of the reasons I love camp so you can see why Valaqua is such a great place to be: 

1) Awesome activities. There are many different activities to try out around the camp's 250 acres. Some of my favourites include archery, climbing wall, Sky Swing (a challenge-by-choice activity where you get pulled up 25 feet in the air before you drop for the swing of a lifetime!), and going down to the river to wade, swim, and kayak.  

2) Relationships with others. I have made some of my deepest friendships at camp. I thought I just happened to be surrounded by a great community in my first year of CIT-ing, but each year that I came back, I was met with more great people. I think there is something about being at Valaqua that brings out the best in people. Camp Valaqua is a place of acceptance, fun, laughter, and incredible community. It is a place where everyone is free (and even encouraged!) to bring out their goofy and energetic sides without judgement.   

3) Connection to nature. Camp Valaqua is a hidden haven within a forest of tall pine and spruce trees. For me, this is one of its main attractions. Because of its lack of extravagant human-made attractions, you can relate to nature in a way that few other places allow. One of my favourite things is to wander out on my own, find a quiet place to sit down among the trees, and just look around. It is incredible what beauties of nature appear when you sit still for long enough, whether that be a Great Gray Owl, a little fawn with its mama, or tiny chattering squirrels. Furthermore, the clear night sky is something else at Valaqua. I could easily spend hours on my back, gazing up at the brilliant smatterings of stars. 

Camp Valaqua is a place where you can truly find yourself. It is a place where silliness, friendship, nature, and incomparable fun meet. It doesn't matter who you are – you are welcome under the tall, tall trees. I hope to see you there!

Danika Warkentin is part of the Amplify! planning team.