“We are in a climate emergency” – a statement from Mennonite Church Canada leaders





We are in a climate emergency. Climate scientists have been sounding the call for decades, and the urgency of this call is being emphasized again at the COP26 Climate Summit happening in Glasgow, Scotland. Out of devotion to God our Creator, we must hear and respond to the call to urgent action for the sake of God’s good creation. Out of love for our neighbour, we must hear and respond for the sake of our human family, especially those most vulnerable to the devastating effects of climate change.

We are encouraged to see that concern for climate action is building within Mennonite Church Canada. Initiatives such as the “7 Calls for Climate Action for Mennonite Church Canada” reflect an urgent desire for the church to lead in climate action, a desire which we share. These, and similar calls, are extensions of commitments we have made and are making as regional churches and as a nationwide body. From local church advocacy to regional church working groups to our nationwide Sustainability Leadership Group and more, we are demonstrating together our growing commitment to work for climate justice and a sustainable future for our church and our world.

As leaders within Mennonite Church Canada, we commit ourselves anew to working for climate justice and a sustainable future for all God’s creation and all God’s children. We commit to engaging deeply as a nationwide community of faith, inviting congregations and regional churches into discernment regarding the ways we as a church can respond to the climate crisis. We encourage individual members of Mennonite Church Canada congregations to make this same commitment, and to commit to working in and through their congregations and regional churches to pursue these goals.

Calvin Quan
Moderator, Mennonite Church Canada

Doug Klassen
Executive Minister, Mennonite Church Canada

Leah Reesor-Keller
Executive Minister, Mennonite Church Eastern Canada

Michael Pahl
Executive Minister, Mennonite Church Manitoba

Ryan Siemens
Executive Minister, Mennonite Church Saskatchewan

Tim Wiebe-Neufeld
Executive Minister, Mennonite Church Alberta

Garry Janzen
Executive Minister, Mennonite Church British Columbia