Talking climate with kids and youth.

Younger generations walk with the reality that their entire lives will be shaped by the changed (and changing) global climate. Watch Sandy Plett (MC Canada Climate Action Coordinator) in conversation with Kathy Giesbrecht, Wendy Janzen, Kyle Penner, and Jonathan Seiling about spiritual care for young people in the climate crisis. This Zoom conversation was inspired by a shared study of In Deep Waters by Talitha Amadeo Aho.

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You'll hear inspiring insights to questions like: 

  • Why is it important that adults learn to talk about the climate crisis with kids and youth in their circles? 
  • What are critical ingredients to these conversations? 
  • How can a person get equipped to start talking with/listening to/supporting younger generations about climate and the overlapping crises that surround us? 

Everyone can benefit from this conversation – pastors, youth leaders, deacons, congregational care teams, education leaders, worship leaders, parents, grandparents, mentors, and all other congregants! For further resources, please visit Together in Hope on CommonWord where you can read more about why this conversation matters, and find resources to support you whether you're new to the climate conversation or are looking for ways to hone your understanding and find new approaches.