Forgiveable Loan through the Company of 1000 Study Reserve Fund

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The Study Reserve Fund

The Study Reserve Fund was established to support the training of pastors for the congregations of Mennonite Church Canada. Money from the fund is used to reduce the personal cost of preparation for ministry and to encourage pastors and pastoral candidates to attend preferred schools through the granting of forgivable loans. Funding for the Study Reserve Fund comes from a group of several hundred annual contributors known as “The Company of 1000.” The Fund is administered by the Church Leadership Ministers of Mennonite Church Canada in consultation with the Executive Minister of Mennonite Church Canada.

Deadline for receipt of applications is May 15 for the Fall (September) semester or October 15 for a semester beginning in January/February.  Late applications will be considered only if funds are available.

*NOTE: Please request your regional church minister to send a letter of recommendation on your behalf.

See the Company of 1000 Study Reserve Fund Guidelines at:

Personal information

Study plans

Which institution are you planning to attend? What program? Dates of planned study?

If you will not be able to complete your study program during the coming year, what are you future plans?

Education and employment background

Please list the schools you attended in chronological order, their location, dates attended, degree received and emphasis major-minor.

Please list each of your employers, their addresses, the duties/skills you performed and the length of your employment in month/year format:

Financial aid application

Estimated income based on Canadian dollars:


A. Total estimated income:

Estimated expenses:

B. Total expenses:

C. Net income or total income (A) minus total expenses (B):

D. Other assets to assist with above expenses, if required:

Letter of recommendation and acknowledgement of procedure

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Acknowledgement of procedure

Reference of pastor or other leader of congregation you attend:

Please share this application with your pastor or other leader of your congregation. By submitting this name and contact information, I am declaring that 1) I have discussed my plans with this reference person 2) on behalf of the congregation, they endorse my plans to prepare for ministry in the church through further studies and 3) they agree to be contacted as a reference and the application I am submitting can be sent to them.