Mennonite Church Canada Emissions Reduction Grant 2024

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1. About the Congregation:

2. Reflections on the final section of the Greener Congregation Scoresheet

A. Rating

B. Improving score

C. Low hanging fruit

3. Personnel

A. List the person(s) or committee responsible to implement the Emissions Reduction project.

B. Contact person for communication about the project:

4. Proposed project

What type of project are you proposing? (Choose one following the descriptions)

Type 1: These projects do not require an energy audit.  Please consult with appropriate experts/professionals before proceeding.  Examples include:

  1. More efficient lighting
  2. Switching from gas to electrical or high-efficiency appliances (Fridges, water heaters, ovens - Energy Star appliances strongly recommended)
  3. Building sealing actions - Replacing leaky or damaged windows and doors, improving insulation/ventilation

Type 2: These projects require an audit or a firm estimate of potential energy savings compared to current energy use. This grant may be one of several grants applied to these types of projects.  Examples include:

  1. Switching to more efficient heating and cooling systems, like a geothermal or air-source heat pump
  2. Alternative Energy installations, like solar panels

Please complete the section below that correlates to your project type.

Type 1

Type 2

5. Emission reduction plan

Explain how the proposed project is part of a larger plan to move the congregation toward lower greenhouse gas emissions (250 word max)

6. Building and property details

Explain why your property is a good candidate for the project(50 word max)

7. Outreach

Describe how you will share your vision for green energy with your community. (100 word max) 

7. Budget

Virtual or in-person Energy Consultation/Audit (if needed):



Total cost of project:

Amount requested for the grant

Should not exceed 50% of the total cost of the project to a maximum of $3000.

Explain how you will raise the money for the cost not covered by the Grant, indicate if you already have money set aside for this project. (max 100 words) 

9. Timeline

Funds to be distributed as reimbursement after receipts have been submitted (receipts dated from May 1, 2024 to Nov. 1, 2025 accepted)Funding could be provided in advance if required/requested. Contact Sandy Plett to discuss. 

When do you plan to purchase your supplies?

10. Publicity

MC Canada plans to issue a press release to celebrate all Emission Reduction grants given in the upcoming year. We will also collect congregational stories about their GHG emission reduction journeys for publication on the MC Canada website, in the Canadian Mennonite Magazine or other places. Are you willing to assist in the writing and publication of the story for your congregation

11. To help us follow up please provide: