Be it Resolved Challenge

Be it Resolved Challenge

This June, during Indigenous Peoples History Month, we are launching the Be It Resolved Challenge! We invite members of our Mennonite Church Canada family to reflect on the profound commitments that our community of faith has made to Indigenous justice over the last 50 years and to respond, in turn, with our very own resolutions. What those resolutions will be, no one knows at this point. Each of us will discern in conversation with Christ, the text, and the many friends who have decided to join this journey. Perhaps one will resolve

  • To take a first step in one’s learning journey by centering Indigenous authors in one’s reading;
  • To follow up a church resolution on Treaties, or the Doctrine of Discovery, or on Racism, and see how can you help it along;
  • To craft a song of justice and prayer of lament that can help the church worship in these home and native lands;
  • To link arms with an Indigenous group right there in your community that is seeking to address long-standing inequities.

Through a prayerful reading of these largely forgotten church covenants, spurred on by the bold witness of the past, we may be moved, beyond our fears, to make our own promises “to do right.” In so doing, we will not only grow in what some call “political holiness,” but we will also help the larger Body put flesh on many good words that long to become deeds.  

So how does this work?

  • Each person who registers for the Be It Resolved Challenge will receive a free copy of the Be it Resolved anthology, together with a suggested list of readings.
  • Over summer 2021 (July to August), participants will read and reflect on selected portions of Be It Resolved.
  • In the fall, we will gather by zoom for two circle conversations (note: we will create a doodle poll to find out which dates work best for most people).
    • At the first meeting, we will share what we have learned through our reading. We’ll explore what resonated with our hearts, what questions we carry, we’ll discuss possible next steps and we will pray together.
    • At the meeting, we will share the commitments for Indigenous justice God is leading us to make. This will be a safe and courageous space, a space for collective encouragement and holy experiments.
  • A year from now, on June 21, 2022 (Indigenous Peoples’ Day), we will gather to share updates on our resolutions, to cheer and spur each other on in the paths of peacemaking.
  • We will encourage our larger Mennonite family by sharing our commitments at Gathering 2022, our denominational conference in Edmonton, Alta.

Everyone is welcome to join this journey! A journey that will challenge, but also gift us with joy. Together, we will inspire each other to take an important step or two toward reconciliation. Together, we will – to use the words of the apostle Paul – do “more than we can ask or imagine.” Most importantly, through our bundle of commitments, we just might make a difference. Indigenous peoples across these lands are calling all sectors of Canadian society, including the Church (see TRC Calls to Action 48-49, 59, 60) to reparative action. Together, we can respond. May it be!