Virtual winter getaway with Lakan and Lakambini

Virtual winter getaway with Lakan and Lakambini

Lakan Sumalong and Lakambini Mapayapa will lead you on a tour of communities in Mindanao, Philippines, to meet the people and see the places where PeaceBuilders Community (PBCI) is forming, training and engaging with Peace and Reconciliation teams. Many of these are Indigenous communities and areas where agriculture is the primary means of economic development. Coffee for Peace works alongside PBCI in these communities to provide means for sustainable income generation.

Taste the food of Mindanao by using these recipes to make a meal to eat together while you watch. 

Invite others by sending them this advertising flyer or boarding pass.  You even can print and sell boarding passes in your congregation as a fundraiser for ministry in the Philippines!

We had hoped in January 2022 to visit these places in person, but now we bring Mindanao to you! See, hear, and travel for an hour from your armchair!

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