MennoMedia is Mennonite Church Canada’s publisher and produces Anabaptist curriculum, periodicals and trade books. 

MennoMedia is known for transformative books on reconciliation, community, discipleship, mission, spirituality, theology and Mennonite life and faith. They publish the award-winning Shine Sunday School curriculum, and with Mennonite Church Canada assistance, produce a quarterly Leader periodical that includes seasonal worship resources.

Through a partnership with CommonWord, MennoMedia makes its products available to Canadian customers in the following ways:

Renew Leader, Purpose, Rejoice! subscription
Order Shine or VBS materials
tf: 1-800-245-7894

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Buy or borrow Herald Press titles
tf: 1-877-846-1593

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Both MennoMedia and CommonWord are here to link you to Anabaptist resources that will help nurture faith.  If you have questions, please contact either of us – we are both prepared to direct you to the right source of information.