New websites launch for Mennonite Church Canada and regional churches

Congregational website hub begins with launch of regional and nationwide websites

Mennonite Church Canada is pleased to announce the launch of new websites for its five regional churches and for the nationwide church.

Mennonite Church Alberta, Mennonite Church British Columbia, Mennonite Church Eastern Canada, Mennonite Church Manitoba and Mennonite Church Saskatchewan all launched new websites on Feb. 11, 2020. Mennonite Church Canada launched its site on Feb. 18, 2020.

The sites are part of a developing website hub created by Barefoot Creative (Breslau, Ont.) that will allow congregations to create their own website, populate it with content from the regional and nationwide websites and connect with other congregations across Canada—our nationwide community of faith.

Mennonite Church Canada Executive Minister Doug Klassen says the new hub will help regional churches and congregations be intentional about connecting with each other and the wider church.

“Mennonite Church Canada and its regions exist to be together what we cannot be separately,” says Klassen. “This new website will connect us electronically better than we have ever have been. Those who seek and are exploring a connection with the Mennonite Church will have an easier time finding their way to us.”

Twenty-one pilot congregations and camps across the regions are currently testing their websites within the hub. Barefoot Creative is providing training sessions and regional church communicators will come alongside their own pilot congregations to help with testing. After the pilot phase ends, the hub is open for all Mennonite Church Canada congregations to join.

“Not only do congregations get to weave the fabric of Mennonite Church Canada and its regional churches into their site, but they also get to take advantage of a robust system with ongoing technical support and minimal investment,” says June Miller, communicator for Mennonite Church Alberta.

As the regional churches and Mennonite Church Canada continue to live into a new structure, the hub reinforces the idea of congregations being the foundational unit of mission. With easy access to content across the regions, the hope is that congregations feel more informed about, connected to and present to each other and the wider church.

The new website URLs are as follows:

Mennonite Church Canada:

Mennonite Church Alberta:

Mennonite Church British Columbia:

Mennonite Church Eastern Canada:

Mennonite Church Manitoba:

Mennonite Church Saskatchewan:

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