November 9, 2003

What you can do about Gaza

The following items are similar to what we shared in the October 30 monthly PIN Update, accessible here. Please subscribe (top left button) to learn  more about what is happening and how we can pray and act for peace.

  1. Write to your MP, or phone them, to ask our government to take a clear stand for peace, justice, and international law. The Update, linked above, offers clear instructions for two letter-writing options with Mennonite Central Committee and Canadians for Justice and Peace in the Middle East. .
  2. Join people in your community who are advocating for a peace based on justice, against all violence regardless of the “side,” and who are calling our political leaders to support an alternative response to the endless cycles of violent revenge that we see playing out in Gaza. The PIN has four working groups across Canada that you can contact and join; click here for more information and contacts. There are a number of other advocacy groups, faith based and secular, who also welcome your support.
  3. Join local rallies calling for a ceasefire, badly needed humanitarian aid, and a return to international efforts at peace.
  4. Give money to relieve the suffering in Gaza. Mennonite Central Committee works through partners in Gaza, and is currently raising money; click here.
  5. Our monthly Update, linked above, provides regular calls to prayer that come from Bethlehem Bible College and from Sabeel. Our PIN has posted a prayer of lament and intercession, accessible here, and we sometimes send other prayer requests for use in church bulletins.