Stand up for Palestinian children's rights

On November 29, advocates around the world mark the United Nations’ Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People. This year, that day coincides with a special campaign in which our PIN network is participating, along with other faith-based groups: Canada, Stand Up for Palestinian Children’s Rights.

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The detention and incarceration of Palestinian children by Israel’s military is well documented—and there is a growing international call to address the practice.

  • It flies face of international law regarding the conduct of occupying powers and the rights of children;
  • It traumatizes and humiliates not only the children, but also their families—through night raids of homes, separation of children from their parents, and physical and emotional abuse during detention;
  • It is designed to intimidate Palestinians in their opposition to the occupation and their quest for dignity and self-determination.

The Canada, Stand Up campaign is focused on a request to our federal government to appoint a special envoy to monitor the treatment of children in Palestine, and to put pressure on the Israeli government to uphold international law. Its strategies include letter-writing to top government officials, meetings with our parliamentary representatives, and public awareness-building events.

Please read the November edition of the PIN Update for more information and for details how you can join our PIN working groups in their advocacy.