MennoMedia seeking 500 study groups for Anabaptist at 500 Bible project

MC Canada invites congregations to participate in creating first-ever Anabaptist Bible



In preparation for the 500th anniversary of Anabaptism in 2025, MennoMedia, MC Canada and MC USA’s publishing ministry, is looking for five hundred study groups from various Anabaptist communities across North America, to participate in creating the first-ever Anabaptist Bible.

Mennonite Church Canada and its five regional churches invite congregations across the nationwide church to consider participating.

“It’s my sincere hope that congregations in each of our regions take part in this meaningful project,” says Doug Klassen, executive minister for Mennonite Church Canada. “It’s an historic opportunity to re-examine Scripture together and to share our thoughts with the greater Anabaptist family.

After registering with MennoMedia, each group is assigned three Scripture passages and asked to meet four times to read and study together, following a simple format. The reflections and questions generated by these groups, supplemented by insights from biblical scholars, will appear as marginal notes in the Bible. All groups are asked to register by March 2023.

“We are looking for broad participation from Anabaptist churches,” says project director John Roth. “It is important that voices from all traditions are part of this historic effort to read scripture together from a Jesus-centered perspective.”

Mollee Moua is a member of First Hmong Mennonite Church in Kitchener, Ontario, and managing editor of the Anabaptist Bible.

“Reading the Bible together as a faith community has always been at the core of our Anabaptist faith,” she says. “We hope that the Anabaptist Bible will inspire, and renew our faith leading to transformed communities!”

Part of The Anabaptism at 500 project, the Bible is one of several resources planned for release in 2025, to celebrate the anniversary. To learn more, visit the Anabaptism at 500 website at


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Katie Doke Sawatzky