Disciple new church leaders in Vietnam

The Mennonite Church in Vietnam is estimated to have 10,000 members, most of whom are in the southern part of the country. Officially recognized by the government in 2007, the church has continued to grow. Some are still not officially registered.

Vietnamese Mennonite congregations emerged in both Canada and the US. The North American Vietnamese Mennonite Fellowship (now NAVEF) was formed for the purposes of having fellowship with Mennonites in North America, and church planting in Vietnam, which began in 1997. Today there are over 160 Mennonite churches in the country.

Mennonite Church Canada works in partnership with NAVEF to support a Bible school and training seminars for pastors and church leaders in church history, theology and biblical study. NAVEF also provides financial support and counsel for the church to develop effective and sustainable structures that will serve the growing Mennonite Church in Vietnam.

Train Pastors in Vietnam

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