International Witness Sunday
October 15, 2023

Mark your calendars for International Witness Sunday on October 15, 2023. On this Sunday, congregations across Canada are invited to celebrate the relationships and gifts we have and share with our brothers and sisters around the globe. 

Resources (see below) include sermons, information videos, suggestions for music and worship leading, children's story, and giving projects.

IW Sunday Resources

Resources to promote IW Sunday

1. Promotional poster


2. Promotional Announcement Video:

 Download   YouTube

Resources for use on IW Sunday

1. Video testimonials from Canadian congregations with ties to Southeast Asia (could also be used to promote IW Sunday):

Vietnamese Mennonite Church (Winnipeg)
Download   YouTube

2. Prayers and Scripture Readings:

VT 856 Gathering

We are One Body  PDF

Sending  PDF

Praying for our global neighbours with the Japanese Mennonite Church (English subtitles)  YouTube   Download

3. Worship Resources:

Karen (Myanmar) Cultural Dance:  YouTube   Download

Music Suggestions  Word   PDF

Children's story  Word   PDF  Video version: YouTube  Download

Special music for offertory (or elsewhere) from Burkina Faso (Djoula language with English subtitles):  YouTube  Download

Sermon/teaching ideas: 

    "When will we say we need you?"  CM Article

    "Encountering the gifts of a global church"  CM Article

4. Sermon video:

"Knit Together in Christ" - Jeanette Hanson   YouTube   Download

5. Activities:

IW Quiz  PDF    Quiz answers  PDF

IW Jeopardy  PPT


Giving Catalogue (a gift-giving guide to partner with ministry in Southeast Asia)

Download    View/download video on how your gifts will make a difference: YouTube   Download


Extend your hands across the table to learn
from brothers and sisters around the world.