Witness Support Networks

Welcome to the Witness Support Network page! Here you’ll find out what a Witness Support Network is, who can help you get started, and more.

What is a Witness Support Network?

A Witness Support Network is a collection of congregations who have chosen to partner financially, prayerfully, and spiritually with:

  • other congregations who wish to support the same international ministry;
  • Witness workers or other international ministry partnerships;
  • your regional church;
  • Mennonite Church Canada.

Why join a Network?

Networks reach out to international Witness workers and ministry partners with the goal of nurturing mutually transformative relationships. A mutually transformative relationship says, "I'm not here to change you; I'm here to change with you."

A Network empowers congregations to engage in international ministries in ways that are sustainable and meaningful. Through the Network, the congregation informs, inspires and connects with Witness workers to form relationships across political and ethnic borders.

Through a Network, we wish to say, “We are more alike than different.”

How does it work?

Congregations choose a representative to meet online (or in person) with representatives of other supporting congregations for encouragement and ideas. This forms vital connections among congregations who share a similar passion.

Regional church staff and Mennonite Church Canada staff pledge to support a Network as participants get to know each other. Witness workers may also attend these meetings to get to know their supporting Canadian congregations.

What does a Network do?

A Witness Support Network:

  • helps generate financial support;
  • forms and nurtures relationships between Witness workers abroad and supporters at home;
  • provides personal support and care for Witness workers;
  • creates opportunities for wider congregational engagement;
  • nurtures relationships with international partners in countries where we have no workers on the ground.


Where does MC Canada work?

MC Canada and its five regional churches engage workers and ministry partnerships in over a dozen countries around the world. See a list of locations here

International ministries are not imposed on people or places; we only go where we are invited by local leaders.

How to get involved

To extend our hands across the table and learn from brothers and sisters around the world, contact your regional church representative:

MC Alberta – Tim Wiebe Neufeld

MC BC – Kevin Barkowsky

MC Eastern Canada – Norm Dyck

MC Manitoba – Melanie Neufeld

MC Saskatchewan – Josh Wallace

To help you start a network and share information with others in your congregation, download this handy flyer/bulletin insert.