50% Tuition-Fee Theology Scholarship for current pastors

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Company of 1000 Study Reserve Fund

The 50% Tuition-Fee Theology Scholarship is administered as part of the Mennonite Church Canada Study Reserve Fund.  It is established to support the training of pastors currently serving the congregations of Mennonite Church Canada. Money from the fund is used to provide 50 per cent of tuition fees for pastors who are studying part time at approved Mennonite Church Canada schools (including online courses). Several hundred annual contributors, known as “The Company of 1000,” donate to the Study Reserve Fund, which is administered by the Church Leadership Ministers of the five regional Mennonite Churches and in consultation with the Executive Minister of Mennonite Church Canada.

You can view a list of approved schools and the Company of 1000 Study Reserve Fund Guidelines at: https://www.mennonitechurch.ca/company-of-1000.

Step 1: To apply, submit an application via the online form to the right.

Step 2: Once your application is accepted, you will be contacted by a staff member at MC Canada. From now on, submit a Course Intent Form for each course you plan to take.

Submit a Course Intent Form

For summer/fall courses, the course intent form deadline is May 15; for winter courses the deadline is October 15. A committee convenes at the beginning of June and November to allocate funds. If there are issues approving a course, the scholarship recipient will be contacted to resolve the issue.

Step 3: Submit the following to companyof1000@mennonitechurch.ca after the conclusion of the course:

  • A paid tuition-fee receipt
  • A final report of completion from your academic institution or professor

You will receive an e-mail indicating that a refund cheque/e-transfer has been sent.

Personal information

Study plan

Statement of support by pastor or other leader of congregation you attend