Company of 1000
 Reserve Fund

The Study Reserve Fund supports the training of pastors for the congregations of Mennonite Church Canada.
Money from the fund is used to reduce the personal cost of preparation for ministry and to encourage pastors and pastoral candidates to attend preferred schools through tuition grants.
Funding for the Study Reserve Fund comes from a group of annual contributors known as “The Company of 1000.”
The Fund is administered by Mennonite Church Canada in consultation with the Church Leadership Ministers.

Currently, the fund only offers the 50% Tuition-Fee Theology Scholarship for pastors taking classes while they minister. Pastors submit their tuition receipts and receive a grant that covers 50% of their tuition fees. The fund previously offered forgivable loans, but this option is no longer available.

Applications are due May 15 for the Fall (September) semester and October 15 for the Winter (January) semester. These are the official deadlines but applications are accepted up until a month before each semester begins.

Study fund guidelines

Participating schools and programs include:

  • Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Seminary
  • Canadian Mennonite University Graduate School of Theology and Ministry
  • Conrad Grebel University College (MTS program)
  • Canadian Mennonite undergraduate colleges
  • other Mennonite seminaries
  • educational opportunities sponsored by Mennonite institutions.

In special circumstances non-Mennonite schools will be considered. This may include cases such as:

  • students who need to attend schools with special programmes for a particular language or ethnic group
  • students with a strong background of study in Mennonite schools who would benefit from ecumenical experience
  • students pursuing degrees (e.g., doctorate) which are not available in a Mennonite school
  • specialized programmes not available elsewhere.

Courses chosen are usually theological in nature, but exceptions can be granted. Please reach out to if you are a pastor with a professional interest in taking a non-theological course.

Tuition grants for pastors

Pastors who take classes while ministering to congregations can submit their tuition receipts and receive a grant covering 50% of their tuition fees.

Application form

"The Company of 1000 has been a helpful financial resource for the last four years to sustain my life as an international student and a self-supporting minister. 

This forgivable loan means the accountability of the Mennonite community for my ministry and study. As a Korean migrant Mennonite, I have been doing a relatively new kind of ministry and theology from a traditional Mennonite perspective. The direct financial support for me encourages me to do such innovative and courageous forms of Mennonite theology and ministry. I appreciate the support of the Mennonite community through the Company of 1000."

Hyejung Jessie Yum PhD candidate, Toronto School of Theology, Licensed pastor for Mennonite Church Eastern Canada

"I don’t know that I would be able to prioritize graduate-level seminary education if it weren’t for Company of 1000. Through this fund, in partnership with the generous support of my own church, I am able to see a path to completing my graduate degree where I wasn’t able to see that without this kind of bursary.   

Ministry education is never simply about individual educational advancement. The Company of 1000 fund gives credence to the truth that it takes a village to raise a pastor.  Thank you to each donor for their generosity and support!"

Kevin Koop Pastor of Carrot River Mennonite Church

Company of 1000

Your generosity helps train pastors and promotes their further education.