Mennonite Church Canada issues call to prayer for Bethlehem Bible College

Dr. Jack Sara in a video asking for prayer for BBC and its community.

In the midst of the worst-yet coronavirus outbreak in Palestine, Bethlehem Bible College (BBC) invites us to pray with them for students, staff, faculty, families and all Palestinians.

  • They pray for healing. Many have succumbed to the disease and hospitals are overwhelmed, especially due to the spread of virus variants. 
  • They pray for economic recovery in a situation that is becoming desperate due to long lockdowns, which have decimated the local tourism industry.
  • They pray for vaccines to arrive and become widely available. This has not yet begun in Palestine, except for front-line medical workers.

Please watch and share this video of BBC President, Dr. Jack Sara, describing the present situation:

Mennonite Church Canada is proud to support Bethlehem Bible College through the Mennonite Church Canada Palestine-Israel Network. For more information, visit